We're back

Dear friends,

It was hard, it took long, we had all sorts of problems, but we made it! We're back online!

Malwr can count now about 12'000 registered users and a large number of unregistered ones too, and a lot of pending analyses from API submissions. We reached a scale we did not expect. Taking some time off and reconstruct the infrastructure would have been a necessary step, and we're glad to announce that our operations are now resumed almost completely

You can now start straight away submitting your malware samples, browsing through old and new reports and continue using the website as usual. API submissions are currently disabled and they will be re-enabled after a brief incubation period, in order to make sure that the rest of the service functions as expected. We are still working on fixing some configuration in order to increase performances and also working some additions and modifications to the website. If you encounter any issues, such as missing accounts or missing analyses, please let us know. It is possible that we might have made some mistakes during the migration.

Please follow us at @malwr for more regular updates.


published on 2014-10-01 12:00:00 by nex

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