Submissions now shared by default


As you may have noticed, since we opened the API submissions, we experienced a number of issues that we are still working on addressing.

One of the main objectives of Malwr is to provide to the community a platform to share information and malware samples and we want to facilitate that to the best extent possible. The percentage of shared samples has drastically decreased to a poor 28% at the moment, mostly because of the large amount of automated submissions. We appreciate the support from our most active API uploaders, but in order to make sure that other users will keep finding our website valuable, we decided to mark the malware samples submitted through API shared by default.

You will be allowed to disable this flag, although we highly encourage you not to do so and to be participant in sharing back with the community as much as you can:

curl -F api_key=your_key -F shared=no -F file=@/path/to/binary

In addition, we also changed the manual submission page to have the "Share the sample" option checked by default.

Remember that sharing is caring.

published on 2014-05-22 15:00:00 by jekil

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